A purpose driven organisation offering strategic support to the space sector.  Conducting primary research, forming project partnerships and pioneering new approaches to how the opportunities of space can be widely communicated

NEWS Keynote Address at Aerospace Alliance Summit

GARC presented a one-hour keynote address at the 2019 Aerospace Alliance summit in Orlando FL. The presentation conveyed the ongoing role of GARC in preserving and communicating an enduring ethos of space development. It examined the track record of persuasive communications for commercial space along with approaches to advance the practice while introducing the consultation, research and key findings that have been shaping the Outposts program

NEWS Exhibitor International Astronautical Congress 2019

GARC exhibits at the 70th IAC in Washington DC. The congress was themed “The power of the past the promise of the future”  As a guest of the National Space Society our team met with a variety of thought leaders and policy shaping professionals offering ongoing advice and support for Outposts

NEWS GARC Is a Guest at Apollo 50 Events

GARC attends USSRC Gala dinner and numerous gatherings in Florida and Alabama celebrating Apollo achievements. The weeks events provided a unique opportunity to discuss Outposts with an unprecedented variety of legendary space program veterans

NEWS Consultation Meetings At The Paris Airshow 2019

GARC was a guest at the North Alabama and corporate receptions at the 2019 Paris airshow, providing good  opportunities to consult industry stakeholders and obtain feedback upon the Outposts program from the perspective of commercial space

NEWS  2001 Anniversary Collaborative Projects


The General Astronautics Research Corporation supported a wide range of 50th anniversary projects during 2018. The film provided an influential depiction of a cooperative, properous and rewarding space future.  Fifty years after 2001 GARC again sets out to communicate a renewed vision of that future to inspire and influence another generation

NEWS Outposts Stakeholder Consultation Program

Throughout 2019 General Astronautics Research Corporation PBC will be conducting a wide reaching stakeholder consultation program to further develop the rationale and fit of the GARC led public benefit programs.  Over the year the team will meet a wide range of space sector experts, educators, commercial space companies, economic development advisors along with strategy and policy communities

NEWS Space Library Beta Hits 30,000 Pages

The expanding online library hit the milestone this month through an ongoing campaign of curated digitisation.  Still in Beta and used by leading institutions and historians. The GARC Space Library Project aims to establish an open-access hub of verified first-source resources for Research and Education in the dispersed space sector and beyond.  The record 30,000 pages are currently anchored with over 10,000 verified  background documents and media.  GARCs change of status to a public benefit company will enable the further transfer of six decades of unique archived material into the public domain


NEWS Becomes A Public Benefit Company

The General Astronautics Research Corporation becomes a Public Benefit Company. As a profit-making company it can now can legally pursue its public benefit purpose “providing formal and informal opportunities that educate and inspire both stakeholders and the public about future space development” alongside the traditional corporate goal of generating profits without fear of liability, even if profit might be affected. The change enables us to sell products and services for profit while also receiving direct investments to develop particular nonmonetary program outcomes