General Astronautics Research Corporation is a consultancy that has specialised in conducting research and communicating space development and exploration to a wider audience since 1956. Working globally in print, illustration, broadcast, film and exhibition its focus has been on creating informed, space-minded generations.

It brings together decades of specialist experience to provide insights into communicating the near and mid-term future of solar system development to the public, corporations and governments whilst reflecting changes in communications and available technologies.


General Astronautics Research Corporation creates innovative approaches that deliver strategic broad-based support to the space sector. Our initiatives convey both the reason and the reward and stimulate a greater appetite for diversity and risk.

GARC actively creates and promotes environments that support competitive incentives and investor confidence whilst encouraging public-private engagement and international commercial partnerships to expand access to space and other worlds.


To accelerate human development and exploration of space:

To Create a powerful fusion of science, imagination and emotion to influence interest and investment in humanity as an effective spacefaring species.

To Inspire new advocates and nurture soft power, creating the momentum needed to address the social, fiscal and legislative challenges of space exploitation.

To Enable an inclusive rapport and a favourable communication climate, with the respect and influence to effect attitude change, resourcefulness and leadership.


Diverse non-terrestrial human industry and habitation at scale.

Meet Our Team

Stephen McNeilly
Stephen McNeillyStrategy & Communications
Jon Labrie
Jon LabrieTechnology & Design
Rob Godwin
Rob GodwinResearch & Media
John Lange
John LangeInterpretation & Production
Fred Ordway
Fred OrdwayOperations & Engagement
Tom Furness
Tom FurnessInnovation & New Media