Inspirational Public Programs

Nearly fifty years ago a group of men were tasked with communicating a vision of the future of space development to a wider public through the medium of entertainment.

With cooperation from all branches of American industry they applied technology and craft to portray a journey originating from a managed orbital space station to an established lunar base and beyond. The film was 2001 Space odyssey.

The vision they created has lasted in the memories of a significant portion of the population of the western world and a good deal further.

One of a string of important contributions, General Astronautics is once again developing a new cooperation in pursuit of the goals of that original initiative. The portrayal of a nation’s Industry and strength in space.

Following on from the anniversary of that event now is the right time to again bring together the finest partners within America and beyond and use their contributed excellence to furnish a renewed portrayal of that great vision to enthrall and sustain another generation.

Since 2015 General Astronautics has conducted three years of detailed research looking at how best to popularly visualise the future of space travel and the world 35 years from now.  In doing so it has accounted for the current perceptions of non-experts upon the themes of space development, security, industry and law.  With expert help it has examined the new convergent messages and mediums through which an influential vision can be conveyed that is as impactful to today’s audience as that portrayed on celluloid nearly fifty years ago.

The product of three years of GARC research – focused, distilled and articulated – Outposts is an example of compelling strategic media.

Outposts 2051

A virtual spaceport and off-world demonstrator 

More than entertainment Outposts will have a profound effect on how we think about space.  Consisting of powerful interlocking experiences  and documentaries, applying fact based storytelling and vivid immersive media the outposts program innovates memorable messaging about space investment and development.

Outposts – The Overview Rooms

A large group immersive experience of a believably engineered in orbit hotel-like environment designed to induce an emotional experience of our planet “the overview effect” and other themes

Outposts – The Holohab Deck

A transportable modular habitat complex, with consistently simulated viewports, wherein each specialised habitat element is sponsored and dressed by a significant global company.

Outposts – Death and Discovery

A documentary exploration of the diversity and sacrifice undertaken throughout the historical human odyssey, addressing the trade off between loss and discovery within natures progress across all life forms. It argues that lifes strategy is resultantly deep and wide and has lessons that support plural solutions, risk taking and acceptable losses as we embark on the next chapter of the human expansion imperative.

Outposts – Unrest Assured

A survival story that follows a sobering catastrophe hunt, revealing the repeated mass extinctions on our own planet and evidence of the sudden vast changes that have occurred on the others we can observe.  Revealing a bigger ecology, it accepts in cosmological terms we may be occupying the Titanic, uninsured, without steering or radar and with no means of collision avoidance.   We can no longer assume we are in a safe harbour and must consider both the science and the inevitability of a show stopper.  It highlights the role of deep strategy, rational foresight, sacrifice and the demands of collective agency across generations required to continue our journey.  The alternative is a chilling report:  Ship destroyed, no survivors, cause unknown at this time.