An Historical Horde of Valuable Research and Media

The Space Library website now includes over 10,000 documents spread over
35,000 unique pages incorporating just less than
1,000,000 internal hyperlinks

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A unparalleled collection of space research material and space media. Over decades General Astronautics has accumulated a vast quantity of important material and notable archives.  Supplementing this is background research from hundreds of studies, publications and a unique audio and video library.  The managed digitisation and dissemination of the archive is taking place through The Space Library. Having  already reached several terabytes with 250,000 technical documents yet to do and new archives reaching GARC each year it is an important project.


400 hours of unique video interviews with Apollo astronauts

Wally Schirra,
Walt Cunningham,
Jim Lovell,
John Young,
Gene Cernan,
Buzz Aldrin,
Dick Gordon,
Edgar Mitchell.


500 hours of audio recordings including interviews with such luminaries as

Neil Armstrong,
Gus Grissom
John Glenn.
Wernher von Braun


Unique panoramic imagery, 3D video and CAD models

  • Authentic 3D video of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin together talking about the moon landings.
  • Hundreds of 3D /Wireframe space vehicle models
  • Over 100 lunar panoramic images assembled from video frames


The personal archives of such notable people as

Frederick I Ordway III,
Don Beattie (Apollo Applications Program and ISS),
Dr Phil Lapp (Founder of Spar Aerospace)
Michael Lennick (Gold Rose Award winner) and film maker
Rhett Turner (space correspondent for the Voice of America in the 1960s).


The Lennick collection and interviews

Chuck Yeager,
Scott Crossfield,
Walter Cronkite, J
John Houbolt,
Max Faget,
Edward Teller
and many more.


Meticulously catalogued with extensive metadata

  • Searchable scans of nearly 50,000 NASA images, with their captions and NASA file numbers covering everything from the birth of NASA to the 1980s
  • Searchable index of every roll of NASA film shot between 1958 and the 1980s with date, content and file numbers.


A library of over a 1000 books on spaceflight from the early 19th century to the Present

  • An index to the entire archive of the British Interplanetary Society journal and Spaceflight magazine.
  • Complete indexed runs of the journals of the 1920s German Rocket Societies
  • Translated diagrams and imagery of most of the Soviet Space Program designs


A collection of 500 space history artifacts from the 19th century to the present

  • Technical models
  • Full Blueprint designs for space vehicles
  • Popular culture magazines
  • toys

We preserve, organise and record using the most advanced archival digitistion equipment ensuring the best quality preservation and digitisation of original technical space related documents, photos, film, audio and video and three-dimensional objects. Expert descriptive metadata is added to digitised files, improving search results and access to information.