Stephen is an inventive strategist, over two decades he has directed the consultancy TransPraxis and effected successful spectrum media solutions for public sector, commercial, and NGO clients including BBC, Oxfam, the armed forces, and a national campaign for her majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Trained as both an engineer and analyst he later returned to The University of Oxford to read Global Anthropology and Archaeology becoming focused upon tackling issues in global security and infrastructure.

A strong advocate of advancing space technology, Stephen is an elected fellow of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS), the director of strategy and communications for the General Astronautics Research Corporation (GARC) and founder of Cornerstone Oxford a venture research and innovation company originating from the European Space Agency (ESA) Incubation program at Harwell. As a producer for Stereomet at Pinewood Studios, England he is prototyping content, physical, virtual and cinematic that joins up advocacy with strategic and economic development goals to communicate resilient quantitative and qualitative cases for space.