The power of story and storytelling has guided and shaped John’s career. Whether as a museum designer, writer or curator, he has created and crafted stories to reach new and diverse audiences. He has expertise in master planning, content development, design and production of interpretive schemes for cultural heritage and science centres worldwide.

The son of celebrated film designer, Harry Lange, John is a founder of Cornerstone Oxford Ltd a venture research and innovation company originating from the European Space Agency (ESA) Incubation program at Harwell and a director of Stereomet Ltd, a production company based at Pinewood Studios, England.

For him production is not just about entertaining content creation but also about developing new technologies for communication that access psychological and emotional terrains with fairness on important facts, values and questions worth examining. Through his work with General Astronautics he is exploring the deeper messages that will sustain future generations of space investors and explorers.